The company

Institute for artificial eyes Wiesbaden

F.Ad. Müller Söhne is a company dedicated to the production and fitting of artificial eyes made of glass. This craftsmanship which is just as much an art, has been developed and maintained by the company for over 140 years. This makes us one of the oldest active companies practicing this profession.

An artificial eye of glass is fitted during a single appointment with one of our ocularists. The fitting takes about two hour to complete. With an eye prosthesis, a patient that has lost an eye due to an accident, illness or otherwise, can have an artificial eye whose look is very similar to the remaining.

F.Ad. Müller Söhne is a family company now in its fifth generation. The company was formed in Thuringia, Germany in 1860 and was moved to its present location in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt twelve years later. The company was early involved in the development of artificial eyes. The sons of the company's founder described already in 1910 in the book 'The Artificial Eye' the technique that in its basis is valid still today. The different glass materials used for the production of artificial eyes are still made in the same place where the company was started.

Today our ocularists make yearly visits to eight European countries and over 63 different locations. We have fixed offices in Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany. Appointments are required at all locations.

Ocularist is a profession that is taught through apprenticeship. F.Ad Müller Söhne in Wiesbaden trains Ocularists to work in the company, an education that takes seven years to complete. The German Union of Institutes for Artificial Eyes (DOG) is responsible for the certification.

After four years of training and the first certification the pupil has completed the training for Ocularist Assistant. After an additional three year education period and advanced examination the pupil has completed the training and can use the title Ocularist.

Read more about artificial eyes, the manufacturing and how the fitting is made, on our web pages. If you have any questions, please contact us on any of the given addresses.